FutureX 1.1.1

FutureX 1.1

FutureX 1.0

FutureX 0.17

Refined on method to attach callbacks. There are just two minor changes:

There is also a change in the project structure. We now use a single multi-platform target instead of four separate targets - one for each platform.

FutureX 0.16

FutureX 0.15

FutureX 0.14

FutureX 0.13

This release is all about performance and quality of life improvements.

Ergonomic Improvements

Performance Improvements

FutureX 0.12

FutureX 0.11


FutureX 0.10

FutureX is a completely new beast. It has a new name and it a new goal - to provide the best future implementation in Swift.


There are a lot of improvements in the core part of the frameworks:

Future Additions

There are also lots of bonus additions:


FutureX now ships with a CancellationToken implementation. See rational in README.


An initial version of Future extensions for native frameworks.

Pill 0.9

Pill 0.8.1

Pill 0.8

Pill 0.7

Pill 0.6

Pill 0.6 is a complete reimagining of the library. See a post for a complete overview of the changes.

Pill 0.5

Updated to Swift 4.2

Pill 0.4

Improve performance:

Pill 0.3

Pill 0.2

Initial public version.

Pill 0.1

Initial version.