Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

Major version update

  1. Swift4 version update. [PR] by Simple4, Steven_Cheung and lfarah


  1. Array

    • public subscript (safe index: Index) in [PR] by lfarah
  2. Double

    • **?(lhs:Double, rhs:Double) in [PR] by Khalian
  3. NSAttributedString

    • + (left: NSAttributedString, right: NSAttributedString) -> NSAttributedString in [PR] by lfarah
  4. UILabel

    • public convenience init(font: UIFont, color: UIColor, alignment: NSTextAlignment) in [PR] by icefall
  5. UserDefaults

    • public func date(forKey key: String) -> Date? in [PR] by Khalian

[Release 1.10]

New platform added.

  1. MacOSX 10.11

Added extensions

  1. Array

    • removeAll(_ elements: [Element]) (new overload) for Equatable elements in [PR] by dfrib
    • removeAll(_ elements: [Element]) (new overload) for Hashable elements in [PR] by dfrib
  2. Collections

    • func parallelizedMap<R>(_ each: @escaping (Self.Iterator.Element) -> R) -> [R?] in [PR] by Khalian
  3. Date

    • init?(httpDateString: String) in [PR] by Vic-L
  4. EZSwiftFunctions

    • isInTestFlight in [PR] by Khalian
  5. Dictionary

    • func random() -> Value? in [PR] by Khalian
  6. EZSwiftFunctions

    • isInTestFlight in [PR] by Khalian
  7. FileManager

    • var documentsDirectoryPath: String? in [PR] by vilapuigvila
    • var cachesDirectoryPath: String? in [PR] by vilapuigvila
  8. UIStackView

    • addArrangedSubviews(_ views: UIView...) in [PR] by kirakik
    • init(distribution: UIStackViewDistribution, alignment: UIStackViewAlignment, axis: UILayoutConstraintAxis, spacing: CGFloat) in [[PR]]( EZSwiftExtensions/pull/396) by kirakik
  9. UIView

    • roundView() in [PR] by Vic-L
    • roundView(withBorderColor color: UIColor, withBorderWidth width: CGFloat) (new overload) in [PR] by Vic-L
    • nakedView() in [PR] by Vic-L
  10. UIViewControllerExtensions

    • isNavBarHidden in [PR] by Khalian
  11. Double

  1. UITextField

Deprecated/Renamed extensions

  1. UIViewController
    • public func hideKeyboardWhenTappedAround(cancelTouches: Bool = false) in [PR] by lfarah

[Release 1.9]

Fixed bugs

  1. Array

    • foreach is now removed since its already in the std library by Khalian
    • removeAll is now removed since its already in the std library by Khalian
  2. Date

    • timePassed now returns print value correctly, earlier used to return optionals in between by Khalian
    • testMonthAsString fixing documentation via tests by Khalian

Added extensions

  1. Bool

    • public var toggled in [PR] by Khalian
  2. CGPoint:

    • init(vector: CGVector) in [PR] by Khalian
    • init(angle: CGFloat) in [PR] by Khalian
  3. CGRect

    • var area in [PR] by Khalian
  4. Date

    • var isFuture in [PR] by Khalian
    • var isPast in [PR] by Khalian
    • var era in [PR] by Khalian
    • var iso8601 in [PR] by Khalian
  5. Double

    • var abs in [PR] by Khalian
  6. Float

    • static func random() -> Float in [PR] by Khalian
    • static func random(within: Range<Float>) -> Float in [PR] by Khalian
  7. Int

    • var digitArray in [PR] by Khalian
    • static func random(within: Range<Int>) -> Int in [PR] by Khalian
  8. String

    • func urlDecoded() -> String in [PR] by Khalian
    • mutating func urlDecode() -> String in [PR] by Khalian
  9. UInt

    • static gcd(_ firstNum:UInt, _ secondNum:UInt) -> UInt in [PR] by Khalian
    • static lcm(_ firstNum:UInt, _ secondNum:UInt) -> UInt in [PR]by Khalian
  10. UIEdgeInsets

    • init(inset: CGFloat) in [PR] by furuyan
  11. UILabel

  1. UIImage

Fixed bugs

  1. Array:
  1. EZSwiftExtensions:

Added extensions

  1. Array:
  1. Date:
  1. CGFloat:
  1. CGPoint:
  1. FloatingPoint:
  1. String:
  1. UIView
  1. UIViewController:
  1. Dictionary:
  1. Character:

Modified extensions

  1. Global:
  1. Array:

Deprecated/Renamed classes

  1. UIColoredView

Deprecated/Renamed extensions


Method/property name Renamed to Author
containsInstanceOf<T>(_ element: T) containsType<T>(of element: T) piv199
get(_ index: Int) get(at index: Int) piv199
removeObjects(_ objects: Element...) removeAll(_ elements: Element...) piv199
removeFirstObject(_ object: Element) removeFirst(_ element: Element) piv199
testIfAllIs(_ condition: Bool) testAll(is condition: Bool) piv199


Method/property name Renamed to Author
toRadians() degreesToRadians() Khalian


Method/property name Renamed to Author
ceilByPlaces(_ places: Int) ceil(toPlaces places: Int) piv199
getCeiledByPlaces(_ places: Int) ceiled(toPlaces places: Int) piv199
getRoundedByPlaces(_ places: Int) rounded(toPlaces places: Int) piv199
roundByPlaces(_ places: Int) round(toPlaces places: Int) piv199


Method/property name Renamed to Author
randomColor(_ randomAlpha: Bool) random(randomAlpha: Bool) lfarah


Method/property name Renamed to Author
PrintFontFamily(_ font: FontName) deprecated lfarah


Method/property name Renamed to Author
hideKeyboardWhenTappedAround(handler: ((UITapGestureRecognizer) -> Void)?) hideKeyboardWhenTappedAround() furuyan


Method/property name Renamed to Author
init?(json: String) deprecated lfarah
formatJSON() -> String? deprecated lfarah


Method/property name Renamed to Author
imageWithUrl(url: String, placeholderNamed: String) image(url: String, placeholderNamed: String) lfarah
imageWithUrl(url: String, placeholder: UIImage) image(url: String, placeholder: UIImage) lfarah
imageWithUrl(url: String) image(url: String) lfarah

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